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Being in the Vegas area obviously allows for all sorts of things for you to try out and places to go. There are so many fantastic things that you can do in the Las Vegas area that you will find yourself really needing a form of transportation to get you and your party around efficiently and in the most fun way possible! There really is no occasion that isn't fantastic for a party bus! You can truly use a party bus or a luxurious vehicle for any kind of party or event. Events like bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays, sporting events, concerts, anniversaries, and everything in between. There are tons upon tons of ways to enjoy a party bus with Vegas Party Bus!

We have compiled a list of fantastic and popular ways for you to utilize our luxury vehicles, but the events listed below are by no means the only events that you can utilize a luxury vehicle for. In fact, we'd be happy to have our service be used for an event or party type that we have never even heard of before! Any questions or ideas that you might have to optimize your party bus experience we will be happy to help. Just give us a call and one of our round-the-clock customer service representatives will be happy to walk you through anything that you might need.

Casino Tours

With Vegas Party Bus

It's a no-brainer that one of the best things to do in the Vegas area is head to some of the best Casinos in the world. By renting a party bus, you can hit all of the best casinos all in one night, all while enjoying the fantastic amenities and features of our luxury vehicles. Time to win big!


With Vegas Party Bus

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding, and one of the most important aspects is transportation. With guests coming from all over the country, and the traditional gap that occurs between the ceremony and the reception, it is extremely important to be organized and efficient with your transportation. Renting a luxury vehicle or two is the perfect way to circumvent any issues that might arise.

Bachelor Parties

With Vegas Party Bus

If you are about to get married and are looking to enjoy one final night of debuachery and real fun, then Vegas is the place to do it! And what better way to make sure that you get around to all of the best casinos, strip clubs, bars, and lounges in the area than by renting a luxury vehicle like a Party Bus to keep the party going all night long! No designated drivers necessary!

Bachelorette Parties

With Vegas Party Bus

The night of your Bachelorette party is your one last great night to have a fantastic hurrah! To go out and let your hair down after the hectic wedding planning process. You really deserve to go all out and hop around to all of the best bars, casinos, restaurants, lounges, and spas in the Vegas area. The best way to make this happen and to avoid annoying designated drivers situations is by renting a luxury vehicle and painting the town red!

Nights Out on the Town

With Vegas Party Bus

Even if you don't have a particular occasion planned for the use of a party bus or luxury vehicle, there are so many things to do in Las Vegas that you really don't even have to worry about that! With the world's best casinos, the greatest and most fun bars, the most risque strip clubs, and the most relaxing lounges in the world all around the city, you are sure to find some use for a Party Bus or luxury vehicle!

Concerts & More

With Vegas Party Bus

We all know that there are is no shortage of amazing concerts and shows going on at any given moment in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is, after all, the city that never sleeps. You will never have a problem finding something to do in the great city of Las Vegas. With venues such as the Pearl Concert Theater, The Lounge, and any of the casinos, you are sure to find something that is simply fantastic in Las Vegas!