Vegas Party Bus - Pricing

At Vegas Party Bus, we put a great amount of stock into customer satisfaction. We make it a great goal of ours to provide each of our clients with the most fantastic possible experience, and our competitive prices, while not being part of a traditional style and are pretty out of the ordinary, allow us to provide our clients with the best service possible. Once we explain the way we price our fleet, you will understand why we are the most beloved and client friendly party bus service in the whole Vegas area.

We pride ourselves on not subscribing to the traditional price structures employed by many of our competitors. While these traditional pricing structures might seem quick and simple and great, they actually are usually a fixed rate, and the companies who employ these traditional price structures place these rate at the highest possible denominator when it comes to what it costs them to maintain their fleet and business. This is the exact opposite of our business model. You can be sure that no matter what day or time of day you plan on renting a vehicle from us, whether it be in the nighttime on the weekend or in the middle of a Monday afternoon, whether it be on Christmas Eve or on St. Patrick's Day, you will be offered the greatest and least expensive price for your service that you can possibly get. Because of this, we are unable to provide a traditional breakdown of the prices, but we guarantee what you will pay is the lowest possible price that you will pay on any given day and any given time!

This is how it works: There are tons of different factors when it comes to maintaining our fleet, including the fluctuating costs of fuel, the equipment and parts that we need to maintain the quality of our fleet, the wages of our drivers, mechanics, customer service representatives, and miscellaneous staff, building fees, demand on a given day and so on. These fluctuating costs allow us to evolve our prices daily so you can be sure that you are paying the lowest price possible for the service that you are utilizing. When the prices go down for us to maintain our fleet, so does the price that you pay! It seems foolish for us to charge someone the same amount to use our service on a weekday as someone who would use the same service on New Years Eve! There's no sense in that ethically or economically. So we do not subscribe to that ideology.

Of course, this makes it rather difficult to gauge what you will be paying on the day of your rental, considering we don't have a breakdown chart, but all you have to do is give us a call or email with the details of your party or rental. Our customer service representatives work around the clock and are well versed in every aspect of our service so you can be sure that any questions or inquiries you have will be answered. And they always offer completely free quotes so you can be sure that you won't be smacked with hidden fees or shady charges. The price we give you is what you'll pay out the door, guaranteed, as long as the vehicle returns in the same condition it arrived in. With our unique and spectacular philosophy on our prices, you can rest assured that you will be paying the best possible price for the service that you are looking to utilize.

Some Events We Service

Casino Tours

Everyone knows that heading to the Casinos is one of the greatest and most fun things to do in the Vegas area! Time to win big and head out in one of our fantastic and luxurious vehicles!


When planning a wedding, many people forget all of the complicated logistics of the transportation. With people coming from out of town and the traditional gap, be ahead of the curve and rent a luxury vehicle for your wedding!

Bachelor Parties

When you have a marriage coming up, it's important to have one more night out of going wild and putting an exclamation point on the married life! We're talking casinos, strip clubs, bars, and lounges, all brought to you in a fantastically exotic vehicle!

Bachelorette Parties

The night of your bachelorette party is your chance to really give one last hurrah to the life of being an unmarried woman! It's time to let your hair down and hit all of the best bars, lounges, casinos, spas, and so on in the Vegas area, and trust us, there is no shortage of those!

Nights Out on the Town

Being in the Vegas area, you should know full well that you really don't need an excuse to go out, and equally, you don't need an excuse to rent a luxury vehicle to enjoy the city! Hit the best adult theme park in the world in style with Vegas Party Bus!

Concerts & More

Las Vegas is home to some of the best and most exotic shows in the entire world! With venues like the Pearl, The Lounge, and all of the casinos, you can be sure that there is always something going on! Be a part of the fantastic culture and head out to a concert or show!